Yesterday we started the BETA ESPA Casual Esports Battles! Lot’s of Players joined, got winning streaks and received $MONA.

The Casual Esports Battles are beginning! This is a BETA, and remember it’s casual.

So, how does it work? Casual battles are being run out of the ESPA Discord to begin with. Hop on in and we’ll help you get started. Remember you must suit up for battle. The treasury is helping to actively onboard Players, join the discord and speak to our mods to find out more about how we are helping Players like you GET SKINNED!

Tier One

Anyone can participate in the BETA Launch of ESPA! This is our first launch and we are honoured to have collaborated with Players and Creators from all backgrounds, walks of life.



We are super excited to announce the first ESPA Esports Gaming content to be featured…. everyone’s heard of Among Us right? … be kinda sus if you haven’t… are you an imposter? 🤔….

We are launching the first ESPA tournaments and DIGITALAX digital fashion NFT garment integrations with the OG Among Us Sheriff Mod!

Huge shoutout to Woodi, our amazing mod developer that created the Sheriff Mod and worked with us across full integration. You rock. Everyone, we’ll give more info about Woodi soon, but go check out his github for now, make sure to give it a follow… and… come say hi in the ESPA discord!


The First Casual Esports for Indie Devs, Modders and Every Player.

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