Enabling Players and Creators in the DIGITALAX and ESPA Ecosystem | Player Access Card (PAC)

3 min readFeb 16, 2021


Through ESPA we are introducing the Player Access Card (PAC).

We are building an ecosystem through DIGITALAX and ESPA that is for Players and Creators. It is an ecosystem that sustainably cycles value through all participants, and, motivates a love for the game.

We also understand that for some of our ecosystem’s most ideal archetype Players and Creators, that ensure the creative flourishing and liquidity within our system, are individuals that sometimes don’t have the means to go from Stage 0 to Stage 1. This is the hardest thing to overcome; for some it is a lack of capital and for others it is a lack of encouragement.

These individuals we have identified as already on a trajectory, at a very early stage, as embodying the personal of what DIGITALAX and ESPA represent and is all about. They are the true players that do it for the love of the game.

Their character and trajectory sets them for being part of the ecosystem long term and being able to generate new value and also compound this value back into the ecosystem itself.

We are spotting these individuals as the undervalued Players and Creators. We want to build this ecosystem for these people and make sure that they have a strong opportunity to be a part of it.

What does PAC actually do?

The Player Access Card is an ERC-1155 NFT that will be dropped to the select individuals under the OpenSea ERC-1155 Collection contracts. This NFT provides utility to whoever it is sold to, acting as a recognised “Bonus” card within the ESPA game ecosystem i.e. it might entitle a Player to an extra life within a game, the ability to fast forward through a knockout round etc. A variable in-competition reward/bonus.

The PAC has a ceiling price that it can’t be sold or listed above by the selected ESPA individual. If the selected ESPA individual decides to sell their ERC-1155 above this ceiling price then it won’t be recognised in game.

This is not a charity it is a quest, where value is directly unlocked by the actions of the Players and Creators, directed back into the ecosystem for benefiting the broader whole.

How are individuals selected?

These individuals are the Champion Players and Creators. They are selected through their direct value and content generation back into the DIGITALAX and ESPA ecosystem; through sharing slices into their gaming and creative life, being active in our community, embodying our ecosystem’s spirit.

The first batch of 10 was identified because they already showed up. They showed faith in something that they could not yet see. These 10 will be announced shortly in the community. These are the champion nodes.

Eventually DIGITALAX Genesis MONA NFT holders will be able to direct voting for the individuals eligible.

We are here to build an ecosystem, enable Players and Creators. PAC is helping some get from 0 to 1.

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