ESPA | The Layer 2 Solution for All Gaming, VR, 3D Content | Esports, Digital Fashion.

3 min readMar 21, 2021


I’m going to let you in on a secret as to what makes ESPA so special.

We talk a lot about it being a liberating and active ecosystem for gaming, VR, live 3D content and Designers, Developers, Players alike. But why is this the case? Why is this different to other infrastructure, platforms out there today?

Well, some points are more obvious than others. In this article, I’ll cover those and also the ones that are easily missed.

The Specialness to the What and the Why of ESPA

  1. ESPA operates as a Layer 2 solution and interoperable infrastructure to all gaming, VR, 3D content.
  2. It does not affect or interfere with the game/content’s underlying economy or ecosystem. It sits outside of this as an additional well defined utility, sustainability driver and use case for both the content Developers and Players. It does not circumnavigate the game/content’s current operative state.
  3. It allows Designers, Developers, Players, Content Creators to gain access to and leverage off of the value contained within Web3, Crypto, NFTs, without requiring them to actually build on blockchain.
  4. The DIGITALAX/ESPA toolkit allows Designers, Developers to directly plug-in and unlock the core features of NFTs, blockchain technology without having to convert their whole business and technical development pipeline. This is a huge mass adoption trigger.
  5. With digital fashion at the core, every Player has skin in the game. The digital fashion NFTs act as the Player’s identity markers in-game and are what authenticate a Player’s leaderboard scoring. Securing this data transparently on-chain and so preventing further attack vectors and gaming of the system.
  6. The digital fashion NFTs do not affect individual gameplay. This is not a pay to win system. Rather, the fashion has direct embedded functionality and utility within the ESPA meta-game, where the different rarities of the skins (Common, Semi-Rare, Exclusive) determine the longevity of access that a Player has within the Esports tournaments.
  7. ESPA horizontally democratises esports, so that any Developer, Designer or Player can gain access to this market segment and start generating value for themselves. This establishes a completely new industry — Casual Esports. No more walled gardens.
  8. Through $MONA, the core utility token, incentives are directly programmed into the ecosystem, devising an active playing field between Designers, Developers and Players, where each can create consistent livelihood streams.
  9. Ecosystem participants that hold $MONA are distributed a % of the marketplace profits in $MONA, just for holding it.
  10. Holding $MONA also gives every participant an active stake in the core governance proposals and future roadmap of the infrastructure. Holders use $MONA to exercise their voting rights.

ESPA does not discriminate and it is on course to revolutionise and liberate the gaming industry through fashion. That is the roadmap and overarching mission.

Are you ready to play… casually? We are launching with the first BETA! Official launch date announcement coming in the next days!

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