Introducing ESPA. Platform Overview.

ESPA is the first ever dedicated Esports platform for Indie devs, Modders and Every Player. We are introducing for the first time ever, “Casual Esports”.

ESPA is being launched by the digital fashion entity, DIGITALAX.

But what exactly does this mean….?

Well, Casual Esports is all about giving power back to the Player-Creator economy, it is about allowing anyone, no matter where they live, to start making a livelihood and a consistent income stream through Play.

We are on a mission to democratise and unlock value for all Players and Creators. We are imposing a triad interdependence between Developers,
Players and Designers
— where each has a defined role within the Digital Economy Ecosystem and adds unique points of value that are both siloed and specific, yet also very much cross-reliant and overlapping.

Digital Fashion is also very much at the heart of ESPA— where digital fashion skins and wearables provide Players, Indie Devs and Modders their consistent income streams and ability to make a livelihood.

This platform is not meant for starting with studios and large publishing houses. We are giving entry to the looked over independents, the game modders. For the first time, experimental and large varieties of content can be highlighted, exposed and funded.

Holy Trinity of Play

For Players…

In its full form, ESPA will allow any Player to login at any time to the application, select their content of choice and just start playing. They will be automatically connected to other players and will be able to maintain a stored ledger of their results. Earning through play will be that easy— no need to enter a stadium, no need to predict what the next big “hot” studio game will be and try and jump on the same wagon, and no need to guarantee live stream to an audience. It is just the Player in his zone, anywhere.

This will not just be limited to PC. But eventually, ESPA will host the full suite of live immersive 3D content across all of gaming and VR. ESPA is for every Player.

Player’s will be able to wear skins from the digital fashion marketplace, use these as their unique identity markers, and even eventually leverage themselves up within the ecosystem to start gaining brand sponsorships and support.

For Developers…

Indie devs will be able to plug their content directly into ESPA’s Esports Kit— leaderboard results (Local and Global), user authentication, player matching, digital fashion asset database— a trustless solution that leverages the security and decentalised verification of the entire Ethereum blockchain network.

Indie devs and their entire modding ecosystem will have democratised access to be labelled “Esports Ready”, outsource their digital fashion content pipeline, benefit off of an additional income stream and start engaging more players, more play, and a healthier, incentivised modding network.

For Designers…

Digital Fashion Designers are just as much a part of the Player-Creator economy, and bridge the gap into providing a landscape of highly personalised experiences that give emphasis to identity and self-expression— core human heuristics.

In this ecosystem Designers and Brands are positioned to provide a continuous content pipeline that is verified, & authenticated on-chain, and highly scalable and tightly reactive, iterative to Player demand and influence.

Fashion brings with it an emotional experience, and being able to translate this same into a digital environment with digital clothing is absolutely vital to being able to scale online worlds that can create meaningful memories, emotional experiences and new connections and relationships for the user.

Our identities are moving targets that never truly reach an endpoint — and creating these emotional experiences through our clothing unlocks inspiration for the wearer to be able to feel good, express their personality, be authentic to who they are or maybe try out a completely new identity that makes them stand out and feel powerful.

How it Works

  1. Indie devs and mods showcase their content on ESPA.
  2. Player’s purchase game-specific Digital Fashion/Skins from the DIGITALAX marketplace to act as their unique identity markers. Players also are able to be sponsored by brands, fashion designers.
  3. Digital Fashion Designers and Brands will maintain these streamlined and transparent content supply chains.
  4. Players can then log in at anytime to ESPA and start engaging in Esports battles with the games and content of their choice.
  5. Player’s results are stored across local and global leaderboards, where Players are identified through their digital fashion unique NFT token IDs.
  6. Winning Players start earning an income stream in $MONA through a profit share from sales from the DIGITALAX marketplace for all digital fashion items used within same game/content during the battle.
  7. Indie Devs and Modders (The Content Providers) also receive an income stream through a profit share from all sales from the DIGITALAX marketplace for digital fashion items that are taken into their content/game.
  8. Digital Fashion Designers receive their income stream through a profit share from sales of their content on the marketplace and are given direct application and utility of their assets.

The First BETA of ESPA will go LIVE at the End of February. Enter the Competition here to be one of the first Players.

Learn more about the platform, $MONA token and how to get involved by joining our discord community here.

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The First Casual Esports for Indie Devs, Modders and Every Player.