$MONA in the ESPA Esports Ecosystem | The Designer, Developer, Player Token for the Player-Creator Economy

What is $MONA?

$MONA is the native ERC-20 utility token for the DIGITALAX ecosystem.

Through ESPA, the core utility and use case for $MONA is marked. $MONA is both the income stream for the Designers, Developers and Players and the ESPA and DIGITALAX ecosystem’s governance token.

$MONA is the gas that ties together a triad of interdependence between Players, Developers and Designers in a world that is merging the digital and real.

It links between the DIGITALAX Digital Fashion Marketplace and ESPA Casual Play platform.

  • $MONA is used to purchase the digital fashion items listed on the DIGITALAX marketplace.
  • Players use the DIGITALAX marketplace as their changing room — the digital fashion assets are their unique identity markers and in-game authenticators for logging their scores across the Esports battles.
  • Players choose their content and start competing in the Esports battles, where winning Players earn $MONA as an income stream.
  • Indie developers and modders showcase their content on ESPA for Esports battles.
  • The $MONA from sales in the DIGITALAX marketplace are split between the digital fashion designers, indie developers/mods, winning players, $MONA token holders, Genesis MONA NFT holders and the Treasury.
  • The $MONA put towards the treasury is used for R&D and Operational expenses.
  • Holding $MONA allows the ecosystem participants to vote on proposals in the ecosystem, like the distribution % split of profits from the marketplace, vote on R&D, protocol development etc.

$MONA is the income stream for the Designers, Developers and Players. And, also the core ecosystem governance.

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