$MONA Token in ESPA.

What is $MONA?

$MONA is used as the ledger and income stream for both the Developers and winning Players. $MONA is the gas that ties together a triad of interdependence between Players, Developers and Designers in a world that is merging the digital and real. It links between the DIGITALAX Digital Fashion marketplace and ESPA Casual Play platform.

$MONA is the native ERC-20 token for the platform. It is intrinsically
incorporated throughout the protocol’s architecture, serving to further incentivise utility and application in the Player-Creator economy and allow Players, Developers and Designers to start creating a livelihood, through play.

With a focus on the Player-Creator economy, our protocol architecture emphasises sustainable and consistent value generation for all participants and brings about new business models and opportunities to make a living, through play. There has never been a democratised access channel for Designers, Independent Developers to showcase their content in a meaningful way or for Players to access this content, and then for all to create value, create a livelihood through engaging in casual, coopetitive play.

What is the $MONA Utility in the Ecosystem?

Developers will showcase their content on the platform for Players to engage in Casual Esports. $MONA is used as the ledger and income stream for both the Developers and winning Players, where a % amount of $MONA will be allocated from the profits of digital fashion item sales from the marketplace across the Designers, Developers and winning Players.

  1. At first launch, winning Players start earning an income stream in $MONA through a profit share from sales from the DIGITALAX marketplace for all digital fashion items used within same game/content during the battle. $MONA is the Player’s transparent ledger of activity for recording their game play results, where the more positive the Player’s ledger is (i.e. more winning plays) the more $MONA they are able to accumulate and make a livelihood off. The more $MONA held by a Player also makes them eligible for unlocking additional content within the platform, when it comes to engaging in more coopetitive play and gaining exposure for digital fashion / brand sponsorships from the marketplace.

$MONA for Governance.

ESPA was established for the Player-Creator economy, and with $MONA the key utility token, our purpose is to further decentralise overtime, eventually allowing the full ecosystem to be led and directed by the users.

$MONA token acts as the core governance token in the ecosystem. Holders of $MONA will engage directly with the platform, owning the governance rights to decide the % split of sale profits from the marketplace across the; DIGITALAX Treasury, $MONA and Genesis MONA NFT holders, Designers, Developers and the winning Players. This will be a progressive governance decentralisation and directly incentivises Designers, Developers and Players (The Ecosystem Triad) to hold $MONA.

For future iterations and upgrades to the platform, eventually, Players will be able to use $MONA to leverage themselves up more within the ecosystem. When reaching certain $MONA amount thresholds the Players can stake their
$MONA, as skin in the game, in order to be eligible to be chosen by fashion brands on the DIGITALAX marketplace to be digitally sponsored. Fashion brands can choose eligible Players to sponsor by providing $MONA denominated “flash loan” inspired liquidity i.e. the fashion brand provides a $MONA loan to the Player that is overcollateralized in relation to the Player’s staked $MONA. If a Player is chosen they must use this $MONA loan under certain conditions.

These conditions require the Players to buy digital fashion assets on the marketplace under the sponsoring brands label, acting as a mechanism for the Player’s on-chain identity maintenance as they become more intrinsically involved within the platform ecosystem and play. The Player’s repay the loan, not through $MONA, but through further activity and increasing the “positivity” of their activity stored in the ledger through more winning plays.

As Player’s continue to increase their $MONA holdings within the platform they are able to gain access to continuously more game/3D digital content and higher $MONA winning amounts, as new distribution mechanics are incorporated overtime.

$MONA is the utility token for the Player-Creator economy {Designers, Developers, Players}.

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