Play in the ESPA Esports BETA Launch | Digital Fashion Skins in the Among Us Sheriff Mod

3 min readMar 18, 2021


Anyone can participate in the BETA Launch of ESPA! This is our first launch and we are honoured to have collaborated with Players and Creators from all backgrounds, walks of life.

We have some of the cutest Among Us Sheriff Mod Digital Fashion Skin outfits dropping on the DIGITALAX Marketplace that were created by Charli Cohen x Kodomodachi. You can read more here.



For the ESPA BETA there are two modes:

  1. Esports Mode
  2. Practise Mode.

The Esports Mode will take place at select intervals, where only Players who have suited up from the DIGITALAX Marketplace with a digital fashion skin are eligible to join the server and start engaging in the battles for their chance to win. See how the tournament works here.

During practise periods, anyone can join the mod to start playing, as long as they have registered and made an account on the DIGITALAX marketplace. You can start in practise mode, with or without your skins, and then when you are ready to engage in battle mode make sure to get skinned on our Matic Marketplace…. URL provided soon!

The Sheriff Mod (Modded by Woodi) for the ESPA BETA Tournaments will take place casually over different rounds. When these rounds are running only authenticated users with a digital fashion authenticator are able to enter the mod and play. Players in practise mode will be kicked at this time.

A round will run for a 48 hour period, allowing authenticated skinned Players to play up to 5 battles within this time, ensuring everyone has a chance to play no matter their schedule. A Player’s first 5 game results will be recorded and scored. Players can play in other matches, but only their first 5 game results will be considered for leaderboard scoring. At the end of the 48 hour period the top 10 Players will receive the $MONA winning income streams.

More rounds will take place at later stages after this first period. Outside of these battle periods, the mod will transform back into practise mode, allowing anyone to come and play.

This is the first BETA and something we invite all of you to test out!

There are 12 outfits dropping in total for the Among Us Sheriff Mod!! Some go for auction and some are going for instant buy on our marketplace across 3 exclusivity degrees; exclusive, semi-rare, common.

These skins allow Players to be eligible for $MONA token payouts + leaderboard qualification. It is how the Players are recognised through our database and verified on the blockchain through our contracts. The digital fashion doesn’t interfere with game play within the game — it purely establishes and authenticates the Player’s meta-game and eligibility in the ESPA ecosystem.

The longevity of the access granted into ESPA by the skins can be increased by Players. Players are able to suit up with a new skin from the marketplace when their access longevity runs out. They are also able to complete certain rejuvenation tasks in the ESPA meta-game. These tasks will be announced shortly.

Check out some of the outfits below. Items are listed in $MONA on the Matic marketplace. Buyers must use $MONA to purchase the items.

CC Lockdown Skin (Exclusive)

CC Witch Doctor Skin (Exclusive)

CC Glastonbury Skin (Semi-Rare)

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