Plays of the Meta-Game | Save the Moments that Matter and Level Up with Memorable Identity NFTs

2 min readMar 12, 2021


Time is intrinsically tied to the nature of NFTs, because when we talk about NFTs it is inescapable that we are also talking about blockchain. Timestamps are the most important component of blockchain. But what it is that makes time special?

It is the meta-data — the story — around that instance in time. Commercially and in our everyday lives, we measure that with memorabilia. Artefacts of moments in our lives that are worth enough to us to keep in some form that takes up space and is persistently in the direct field of our attention.

As we have seen from NBA Topshot, earning over $200 million within this year — rendering nostalgia is powerful stuff. The way we imprint ourselves in games played by others speaks to how much more commercial viability is yet to be explored.

We recently introduced the Player Access Card as a way for ESPA Players to engage within our ecosystem, where Players are able to launch themselves from Stage 0 to 1, with the full support of DIGITALAX. You can read more here.

The first individuals to receive these Player Access Cards will soon be revealed. These individuals we have identified as already on a trajectory, at a very early stage, as embodying the persona of what DIGITALAX and ESPA represent and is all about. They are the true players that do it for the love of the game.

The Player Access Card is an ERC-1155 NFT that will be dropped to the select individuals. This NFT provides utility to whoever it is sold to, acting as a recognised “Bonus” card within the ESPA game ecosystem. Further, PAC also will also include for the buyers a simple and enticing way to capture the best moments from within ESPA Esports tournaments.

How it Works?

Players are able to record their best moments of the game (Wearing their cool digital fashion items), on their own initiative, and then share these through social media, tagging ESPA channels and their own player gamer tag, which they will authenticate through the DIGITALAX marketplace.

Here, DIGITALAX will choose the best recorded and shared in-game moments to be minted as unique memorabilia NFTs that are then airdropped to the buyers of the PAC cards. Thereby, PAC buyers will receive both an in-game bonus + memorabilia NFT.

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