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3 min readMar 5, 2021


With the launch of ESPA fast approaching and our direct in-game DIGITALAX marketplace digital fashion integrations materialising, we couldn’t be more excited!

We are proving out the first ever crypto + digital fashion + NFT + gaming mass adoption ecosystem that is set to scale over the entire gaming, VR, live 3D content industries. We are building an ecosystem that brings value, livelihood streams to all Players, Designers and Developers globally. ESPA does not discriminate and it is on course to revolutionise and liberate the gaming industry through fashion. That is the roadmap and overarching mission.

So, why is digital fashion so important in the ESPA ecosystem? Why is it absolutely vital?

Well, ESPA can be thought of as an interoperable well defined use case + layer 2 solution for all 3D content. It does not interfere with core gameplay mechanics but rather constructs and establishes a meta-game of sustainable value creation through the digital fashion items.

In the ESPA ecosystem the digital fashion is what grants the Players with Skin in the Game. These wearables are the official in-game authentication system and identity markers for the Players. They allow Players to be eligible for $MONA token payouts + leaderboard qualification. It is how the Player’s are recognised through our database and verified on the blockchain through our contracts.

In ESPA, Digital Fashion is functional. The NFTs have direct application and utility…. and, there is no requirement for the underlying content/games to be limited to just the “blockchain gaming” category.

The digital fashion doesn’t interfere with game play within the game — it purely establishes and authenticates the Player’s meta-game and eligibility in the ESPA ecosystem. This is the Player’s proof-of-identity.

There are three core categories of digital fashion NFTs in ESPA, according to three different rarity levels.

  1. Exclusive: Single edition and listed for auction on the DIGITALAX marketplace in $MONA.
  2. Semi-Rare: Fixed supply with an instant buy listed price in $MONA, on the DIGITALAX marketplace.
  3. Common: Either fixed supply or circulating (unlimited) supply with an instant buy listed price in $MONA, on the DIGITALAX marketplace.

The rarity level of the digital fashion item determines and weighs in on the longevity of the Player’s access to specific esports tournaments in the ESPA ecosystem i.e. more common fashion pieces run out faster in terms of the access they provide to the specific in-game compatible esports tournaments.

The fashion doesn’t affect the specific in-game play or functionality, it is purely related to the ESPA meta-game. This is not a pay to win ecosystem.

We are announcing and launching very soon. Stay tuned. Big things are coming. Get #ESPAREADY.

Also, more to come about our full Layer 2 Matic Integration :)

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