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2 min readFeb 24, 2021


Hey Everyone,

The launch of ESPA is drawing nearer and we are super-excited! For the first BETA launch we are set off with a featured modded game and also unique digital fashion items that will be listed on the DIGITALAX marketplace, can be purchased for $MONA to be taken directly in game, allowing Players to start competing to WIN $MONA.

The exact game mod will be announced soon. We have partnered with amazingly talent modders, gamers, artists within the community to make this happen. They represent the very essence of what ESPA is all about — inclusive of all players, all developers and all designers.

We are liberating an entire industry.

We also have an exciting surprise for our digital fashion pieces. This can be taken directly in-game and we even partnered up with a London based fashion designer for inspiring and theming the outfits!

We have decided to migrate the DIGITALAX marletplace to the Matic Network for the launch of ESPA. Gas fees are extremely high on Ethereum and it made sense for us to prioritise this new feature upgrade and join the Layer 2 ecosystem. This therefore means the launch has been pushed back slightly to early March. More details to come on how we are working with Matic shortly.

In the meantime here is some more content for ESPA. All designed by the extremely talent Mae.

1. See the graphic overview here.

2. Watch some cool vids!

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