XP, Experience Points in ESPA | Amateur to Pro Esports

2 min readMar 28, 2021


Yesterday we started the BETA ESPA Casual Esports Battles! Lot’s of Players joined, got winning streaks and received $MONA.

The $MONA is the Player’s ledger of play and income stream. A Player can use $MONA to help level themselves up in their own lives. So, what happens if a Player decides to hold their $MONA?

We are introducing Experience Points: XP.

For every ~USD$5 of $MONA that a Player receives from achieving a winning streak in the tournaments he will be granted the equivalent of 1 XP.

What do XPs do?

XPs is how a Player can level themselves up further and set themselves on a clear roadmap for turning their casual play in ESPA into pro level match participation. It is a trajectory from amateur to pro esports.

A certain amount of XPs will allow a Player access into the pro ESPA tournaments where the $MONA income streams/winning allocation is much higher, even more impactful for a Player’s life.

This also sets to reinforce skill in the game within ESPA as the core mechanic for leveling up. Anyone can join and start earning a career, livelihood, and those that keep playing and put in the work can level up even more.

With many Players joining ESPA being new to crypto/NFTs we are tackling and addressing mass-adoption and onboarding through ensuring that the Players are properly introduced to the importance of wallet custody and security.

New Players are being effectively handheld through the transfer and off-ramping process, where to begin with the Treasury will be directly assisting Players with any crypto off-ramping into fiat.

Player’s that will have in-game restrictions placed on them for reckless and incorrect transfers, making them ineligible for leaderboard scoring and $MONA income for 5 played games. These are the Player’s debt matches and the restriction is only removed with them playing through the debt matches.

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