Digital Fashion In-Game Sponsorships for Players in ESPA | PAC, Quadratic Funding, $MONA Governance.

3 min readMar 12, 2021


With the launch of ESPA fast approaching and our Matic Layer 2 integration almost complete, we are setting out further the core components and functions that both enhance, strengthen and warrant the sustainability, growth and interconnectedness of DIGITALAX and ESPA, and the important role of Digital Fashion for ensuring Player-Developer-Designer cross value consolidation, and also further use case for $MONA governance.

We introduced earlier the Player Access Card (PAC), and its linkage to Memorabilia NFTs for recording the best moments of the game and bringing about new content generation models for Players, game content and digital fashion showcasing alike. In this article, we detail in further depth how PAC and Memorabilia NFTs are fundamental to the ESPA meta-game, and, more importantly, significant for Player’s wanting to level themselves up for a sustainable career in esports, gaming and native digital economies.

As immersive connected digital realms become more ubiquitous, there are core new business and monetary models emerging with an unexpected thread line. Digital fashion traces its roots in the modern era back to Renaissance merchant houses becoming patrons of the arts with their newfound textile wealth, allowing increasing numbers of the population, over a span of centuries, to play with greater freedom of personal identity, expression and social mobility. Where that has brought us today, through the growth of computing born in textile automation, is to a point where everything is a digital interface, and the purist expressions of how we play are found in the forefront innovation driven by interactive 3D content across gaming, VR.

Games are simulations of life and imagination. As we engage in these simulations the authenticity of our identities become more and more essential, but also, more functional to the core utility of both the ecosystem that we are embedded within and what we can get out of it.

Through ESPA, we are enabling new natively digital models for in-game Player identity, that allows digital fashion designers and developers to embed tangible fashion elements directly into the fabric of the game. This comes in the form of in-game digital fashion sponsorships of selected Players, using a quadratic funding model. Just like how top athletes today are able to level themselves up through brand sponsorships, the casual Esports Player of ESPA will be able to do the same.

So let’s get into the mechanics

  1. Through ESPA, Players are able to level themselves up as they engage in different casual esports battles across a variety of gaming content.
  2. As they level up and get better they can gain different titles in the ecosystem, based off recognition of their game play i.e. Top Rookie, Legend, Hall of Famer etc.
  3. This recognition puts them in a select Player pool, to then be voted by the $MONA token holders as eligible to receive in-game fashion brand sponsorships.
  4. The $MONA token holders exercise their governance rights through a quadratic funding vote, where they stake their $MONA on Players in the select Player pool.
  5. Fashion brands act as the backers in the quadratic voting system, where they back, in $MONA, the Player Development fund pool. WTF is Quadratic Funding? Read here! cc Kevin Owocki and Gitcoin Grants.
  6. Once the vote is finalised across the select Players, $MONA from the funding pool is used to sponsor the select players both by means of $MONA pay-outs to the Players and also by providing the Players with branded digital fashion skins to wear in-game as identity authenticators.
  7. Further, part of the pool within the Player Development Fund is also allocated for PAC resources as a means of getting fashion brands to further their skin in the game via active contributions to public goods. You can read more about how PAC is helping Players go from stage 0 to stage 1 here.

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